Friday, December 18, 2009

Tweets through Fax

We generally tweets through Computers and keep us online and updated 24/7 over the popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and whenever we are out of our computer reach, we generally use the Mobile for Tweeting by visiting or other twitter mobile applications.

But there are still some twitterer addicted who uses their papers and pens to send out tweets on daily manner. All the thing is that they need to fax that page to the a particular number for updating their twitter account.

There is a lady who tweet through the the service called "Celery's Computerless Email System", they generally charge $8.98 per month and give its clients to tweet through fax and even send you the fax whenever you received an @replies from other twitter User.

As i was talking about the lady who send her tweets through fax with this service. Her Twitter profile is @dorothy_celery and he sometimes updates facebook using this service.
Check Out her Story:

Its quite strange to hear but it is truth! But it is the most costliest process of tweeting...