Saturday, December 5, 2009

Arijit- Blogger Of Microreaders

"Total Blogging World Depend Upon the Contents You can add over your blog. Without Contents, a blog is without life!"

This page is totally about me as blogger. Hi Myself Arijit Das, A Tech blogger for a very less time of months but earlier for 2 years i was a blog poster and used to do photo blog. I had connected with the term "blogging" from the year 2007 and knew the value of real blogging this year.

My Social Networking Ranks are really impressionable:
I was the Top User of IndianPad, posed a Good position at the Propeller and had a Good Karma over Reddit .Once i was stepped toward the Digg Power User which needs a lot of time to Spend. I published a lots of story over the reddit front page....

I started blogging on the inspiration of a person named Rahul Basu and i call him "Rahul Da". He was the first person who provided me a meta tag for my blog and i must say you that the tag was so strong that my first blog is still listed over the Google search result with a particular keyword.

Small scenes in my memory in the field of blogging:
When i started blogging, i was very young and was reading in class 6 only in the age of 11 (approx), i didn't remember the age.. I failed to choose the best topic for blogging and started to write a paranormal stuffs like ghost, horror and others... I created a blog named "Scariest Place" which is still listed over Google search result with the keyword "scariest place" even i didn't updated it for 2 years...
In the middle of my blogging time... I was highly influenced with the game site and started to create a blog which is only having embed games from Miniclips in its post but you might be knowing that it is nonsense to have a game site in a blog. Therefore, i left that blog and started to create another blog called DailyLinked, which i made for giving out daily links but later i converted into photoblog.

Dailylinked was contributed for one year and is having a number of 1100 posts in it and gets around 2,000 visitors per day. And the main problem i faced with that blog was the revenue.... Photoblog generates a very less amount of revenue as it doesn't contain very rich keyword. I wrote about Why photo blogs are quite unprofitable?. This is the reason why i started the blog "MicroReaders" and hope to have a success in the field of blogging.

My Aim in blogging is to become a blogger like Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore, Amit Agarwal.

My Favorite blogs which i read daily : Mashable, Problogger, DailyMail.

I will be adding more stuffs over this post...