Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Monster Indian Bikes to Blow Up your Mind!

Whenever we compare Indian bikes with the heavy foreign bikes.. it looks bit odd. Those bikes are quite huge in size & much appealing in compare to ours. Can’t we create such appealing bikes?

Even some huge earners also get those imported.. Crazy Bikers!

So, today I’m going showcase some of the most appealing Indian Modified Choppers which will surely blow up your mind.

Another interesting thing is that, these bikes are only one available in the world. That means if you’re holding one of it, then none other can claim that they’ve the same like yours.

I’m a great fan Vardenchi.. They’re a team of 21 members & the creator of these below Monster Modified Bikes. Basically the modified version of Royal Enfield.

So it’s time to enjoy!

A Red Vardenchi

A Cherry red machine, one of the sexiest bike modified by Vardenchi. With two eyes like Transformers. Just look at the back wheel which is fixed at a distance.


Orange Angel

With a bit of Fruity color, it got a giant wheel which you see right there below, I really loved the placing of the number plate.


Vardenchi Flamingo

A White-Red Killer looking bike - Vardenchi Flamingo. From the name, I think it’s quite related to the flamingo bird.


Big Yellow

What will you say about this Big Yellow.. If you want to see a chopper in sporty look, then this one is the best choice.


Dark Knight

As the name suggest.. The most hunky look Vardenchi in Black.


Vardenchi's Cloud9

They Built this one for Cloud9 the energy drink brand. Check out the chilled petrol Tank attached. 


El Toro Del Diablo

This bike looks more like Bat Mobile. wow! what a superhero design they gave it...


Advanced 80’s Vardenchi

I don’t know the name of this model but it looks more like the fully advanced version of old 80’s bikes.


I hope you enjoyed the collection of vardenchi modified bikes… If you want to see more of their models, go to their facebook page:

(Image Source: Vedanchi Ofiicial Fbpage).