Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to get a Good Sleep at Night (6 ways)

Now a days, it’s a biggest for we tech workers. We get less sleep at night as a result our day goes less productive.

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I myself is a victim of such problem.. had many sleeping pills but didn’t worked at all. Later, I did few changes in my daily routine & it worked.

Here below are few practical tips that may work for you..

Fixed Time Schedule

Maintain a fixed schedule for sleeping, which will help you to wake up timely in the morning. If you get a sleeping time, your body will work in rhythm. Your eyes will automatically go sleepy when it’s needed.

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Cold Shower before Bed

Bath with cold or warm water before going to bed. It’ll relax your muscle, giving you a stress-less feel & a nice sleep.

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Do Exercise Daily

Do exercise every morning. It will increase the chances of your sleep at night because of the excess energy consumption during the exercise.

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Read Fiction Books

Read fiction stories while you’re in bed, as it takes you to the new world making your fall asleep & sometime generates beautiful dreams.

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Keep your Room Cooler

Try to keep your room cooler as possible, if it’s a hot one. Open your window & let the cold air to flow inside. Switch off the Lights as they emits heat.

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Sleep in Silence

Switch off the Music or TV, which give clean, easy & restful sleep. Silent surrounding is all you need..

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These above are some of the ways which may give you a proper sleep at night.. Just Give a try & let me know.