Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mobile Internet is fun for Me! (Why?)

This post is a part of Indiblogger contest Internet is Fun, sponsored by Vodafone.

If you’re an internet lover like me, then you might be using both mobile & desktop internet. Internet connection on your Desktop for working purpose and mobile internet is for personal browsing where no other can interfere or trace your browsing history.. It’s totally personal.

Telling a truth- Maximum of Indian youth like me use mobile internet to view naughty pictures.

Here below are some of my personal reason why internet is fun..

Warned my internet service provider to Re-install my connection.

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Few days back, we got shifted to a new home and we requested our internet service provider to re-install my connection but they continuously humiliated us  for 10 days & on the 11th day, I wrote a 300 words blog post from my mobile which got listed top in google. As a result, within 24 hours they re-installed our connection without any installation charges.

That was a great help from my mobile internet to bring back my home connection.

Became a Mobile Photosharer..

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I always love to share realtime photos on my Facebook Account… if you ever visit my facebook profile:, you’ll find that I put up my daily life photos from my mobile and as a result I get many likes & even my subscribers reached to 190. I actually love doing that… Addicted one!

Back to Garage Band Jamming..

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During our Garage/Gym Band Practice, our mobile helped us a lot to find Guitar Chords & Lyrics. Each of the band members used to get an independent access to their chords, tabs & lyrics for perfect rehearsals.

No More Hiding inside the Blanket

hide face
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No more putting Eyes on the Door along with the desktop Screen. On the last year of my High School, a hottest girl joined our class and within a week there came a gossip about her facebook profile pic. After reaching home, I opened her profile from my desktop.. “Omg! her pics were damn hot!” but as you know our moms are always ready to suspect their son. As I looked back to make sure about no one is watching, I found my mom standing behind staring at my screen. Then I had to answer numerous questions of her with a low down shame face.

Later on my mobile internet helped me to view all of her hot pics without my mom’s notice. And on the next day I gave her a great compliment & got a naughty smile in return.

These above are some of the reasons why I always prefer mobile internet & even it helps me to broadcast my random ideas in the form of tweets… I hope you enjoyed this article & be free to put your comment below.