Monday, May 14, 2012

9 Tips to come up with Regular Content Ideas

Two of my blogs crossed 4+ years with storing more than thousands of posts in it. And throughout my content creation journey, I faced a lot of writer’s blocks. It’s quite natural to creative mind.

The biggest problem of writer’s block situation .i.e. you can’t think of any new topic to write. So, I tried out my own personal technique to overcome it.

The technique was very simple… I related my content topic with my daily life & interest and as a result content creation became quite interesting. Everyweek I used to come up with a new post related to my experiences like movie, product feedbacks, food taste, night party, etc..

So, here I’m going to share my regular content ideas secret with you but before I want to say that this is may not be applicable for the niche bloggers. My blog is an non-topic blog and I write about random stuff…

Check out some content ideas below..

Books Reading

If you actually love to read books then you can give a small idea about what interested you in a book or what really sucks in it. You can even give rating to it, so that your readers gets a choice of purchase and reading.

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Biggest Challenge

Talk about your biggest challenge that you overcame and write about the lessons you learned from it. It’s really fun to do.. Even don’t hesitate to share about your failure, it doesn’t reduces your position but increases the emotional touch with your readers.

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Health Conscious

If you’re quite concern about your health & do exercise regularly to keep you fit, then talk about it. Share your fitness secrets and also the effective results you received from it. Keep  your readers updated with time & improvement. This gain readers’ trust.

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Food Eaters

If you love to eat foods, then also write about it… If your mom prepared a tasty recipe for you & you liked it, then share about its taste with your readers. Restaurant lovers can put up their  favorite food list so that other eaters can lick it…

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How you Did it..

If you’ve fixed any of your home appliances, broken glass, toy car, then let your readers know how good fixer you’re. Make a DIY guide for them… Same thing is applicable for the craft creators. Show them, how good craftsman you’re.

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TV Shows

You’re not interesting but you watch a lot of TV Shows. That’s ok! .. They’re too a great source of discussion… you can share your opinion about the recent episode and interact with other fans.

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Movies Hungers

Everyone love Movies.. I personally love to discuss about it. You can do movie gossip too.. Watch a movie, rate it, comment on it & share it.. Simple!

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Personal Stories

Never say that you don’t wana to know what’s going on between your friend & his GF. That’s too natural.. Human loves personal stories. So, you can engage your readers by narrating your own story. It works great & also help you to reach more closer to their heart.

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Product Review

You purchased something from your departmental store and you really liked/disliked it, then show your satisfaction/ dissatisfaction for the product in a post & let other know.

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These above are some Regular content creation ideas… I hope, it’ll benefit you. If I missed out any other point, or if you’ve your own secret then don’t forget to share below in the comment…