Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 Changes in Habit to Improve Focus

Human mind keep on fluctuating & it becomes difficult to stay focused. Specially when you’re working online and the other online distractions are driving you away.

So to improve your focus, you need to change your habits. These are..

Close Every Distraction

When you’re online, close the social networking sites like facebook and twitter, where your friend may ping every hour to know “how are you?”.
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Stop Switching

If you love to check your email hourly, then change your habit.. By switching from one task to another may take away your concentration from your main task.
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Set a Time Limit.

It’s very much important to set a time limit for every work, so that you don’t give less importance to any of other works.
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It’s not possible to change the above habits in a night & be totally focused. Just do a commitment & follow it honestly.