Monday, May 7, 2012

Beam Cable Bad Experience

If you stay in Hyderabad, you might know about Beam Cable. It's only internet service provider that is well known for its good service & fastest internet connection.

It is indeed one of the fastest internet provider but now a days, it lost its good service. They themselves want to let their customer know how poor their service are..

I myself is a user of beam cable. We're using beam cable for years and never had any bad experience but now this brand gone very egoistic. They think that none of the other internet provider can give such a fastest internet speed of around 10 mpps at a price of Rs.1000 and as a result customer will always go for it.

Earlier you might have read about my experiences with homeshop18, flipkart and also gone through the ways i got it solved. So, this time i'm here to talk about my bad experience with beam cable.

Previously this provider used to shift their existing customer connections within 24 hours but now they extended it to 48 hours. "That's Ok.. 48 hours is not a big time. We can wait.."

More than a week ago (28th April), i requested them for the shift of my internet connection & today is 7th May & no response from them. I even hold my ticket no. which have no use at all.. Everytime i call them, they say that it'll take 48 hours and many 48 hours gone but still nothing happened. They always have excuses ready with them like "sir, we'll forward your request to our technical mans", etc..

I've no idea, what they think of us... don't we have any other works to do!

I warned them that if they don't install my connection by today then i'll be writing about them in my blog.. as what i'm doing right now. Before writing about any brand i always warn them & i did the same..

Through this post, i want to tell beam cable that "please do care for your existing users who have raised you to your present height and if you give such worst experience to them, it'll definitely harm your reputation."

Even i'm not the only person facing the problem.. check out this forum thread where a user waited for 20 days for installation.

Stay tuned to know how beam cable solve my problem...