Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Tools to Create infographics of your Social Profiles

Infographic is one of the best medium to spread your information with the help of a single image. People loves to go through infographic because it takes less time to read than that of a writing. Even i never loose the chance to view infographics on different topics..

If you are thinking to create an infographic, then you need to learn expert photoshoping and have research on that particular topic.

But now you can create infographics of your social profiles without knowing any photoshop skills... These below tools will help you to create some awesome looking infographics.

1. The Print Effect (For Twitter Users) : It calculate the numbers by querying twitter to find out a few facts about the user you've searched for. It find out how many tweets the user has written, how many friends they follow, and how many tweets their friend have written. If the user is following fewer than 100 people, the count of friends tweets is completely accurate.

2. : A tiny tool that create beautiful infographics by using your foursquare data's like number of check in’s, total friends, no. of followers and badges you received.

3. My_Infographic : It's an facebook application which allows the facebook users to create some nice fb infographics. It checks your Top 3 close active friends, the relationship % of your friends, most popular pictures etc.