Sunday, August 23, 2009

Accessing Multiple Twitter Account with one Email Address.

Its very interesting and strange to hear? but its totally true... Now you can access your multiple twitter account with only one email address. An amazing Discovery by Labnol which may helps the multi twitter account holder.

Earlier, it was quite difficult to create many twitter accounts with one email, mainly your personal one which you daily login. But creating different different twitter account with different email address is quite difficult as a result you have to create more email address for more account, but such problem is now resolved by Amit Agarwal, a person who showed us how to involve your twitter account on the world's well known blog directory "Technorati" and increasing its authority. So, lets continue our talk on the multiple twitter account creation.

Don't get angry when you find such error like "Email has already been taken", just use your very little brain and could confuse twitter.. hmmm...

There i gave a strong word above, but its totally true! In my early posts, once i mentioned about one Gmail Trick, which is quite common to this trick.

Starting with the email address, i must say you that you can only perform this activity only when you are using Gmail or Google Apps email address.

You may say a defect or a benefit of the gmail is that the you can use dot (.) anywhere in your email id, which will redirect your mail to your mail box itself but it provides a new id.
A Small example: As if your email is, then sending a email on the address blog.ging@gmail or or, will also be send to your inbox only.

The Use of Twitter Trick:
And when you are registering with such emails over twitter, it is detecting two separate emails, and twitter don't show the errors like "Email has already been taken" and allows to register with such email.

So, if you want to handle two twitter account then you may use google mail for it. You can also use your account with one and another twitter account with Happy Tweeting!