Sunday, August 23, 2009

Email Notifier for Hotmail Emails.

We saw lots of Gmail Notifier have been launched over the web and many gmail users are enjoying such type of notifier to get the alert update about their email received.

It is quite difficult to log in every time which you want to know how many and what emails have came to your inbox and which you want to see... But after the launch of email nitifier, it made easy for the email holder to check his quick mail directly from the desktop without going to the page. So, many such applications are made by different service providers for free, but only for gmail and only googlemail holders can get the notifier software over their desktop.

Why not for Hotmail?
This the question arise on the mind of the Hotmail users and many talented hotmail lover, succeed to create such a notifier software, which notifies the Hotmail emails on the inbox from the desktop. Very lately it introduced but is enjoying by many Hotmail Users.

This all new app Hotmail Email Notifier i found, which i shared over this post.

The Service guided to use it, as follows:
Just put Hotmail.exe into your startup folder. The icon will change to a dude with a red letter if you have unread e-mails. A single click onto the icon opens your Windows Live Hotmail inbox.