Saturday, August 29, 2009

New way to find free giveaway or contest over Twitter

Are you finding any contest or any deals? even twitter considered to be a real time search but then even it is quite difficult to find the information about a popular "Contest" and it may happen that you missed it. A Huge number of contests or best deals are tweeted at a result all the fake contest tweets comes forward and the real one get down in the search result.

To resolve such problem and to give the user the appropriate result, by the site "Freezly". It helps the users to find the most retweeted and popular contest over its front page showing off more about the contest.

It is quite similar to Tweetmeme, but is having a different intention. In Tweetmeme, all the popular links which are on the basis of retweets popularity. But Freezly searches all those free giveaways and deals with its algorithm. And show off all the hottest and popular free deals retweeted or shared most over the Twitter.

I feel this idea of such "free giveaway" search will attract a lot of users toward it...