Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remembering the shortcuts key of all Adobe Software is now very easy

The use of Clr+C to copy and Clr+V to paste anything any of the editing picture is well known to everyone. And even did you remember the the keyword of merging a copy of all the visible layers into one single, that’s absolutely Shift + Alt + E for PC and Command + Shift + Option + E for Mac.

Remembering a keyword is just like thinking for your lost password.

The password which you had lost become very tough to remember, so for such help the option “forget password” option is placed under the sign in button. But when we are working in the Photoshop and we forgot the perfect Control command, it create a great problem to us and not only Photoshop even most of the Adobe Software takes too much time and effort without knowing the shortcut keywords.

Help by Adobe to remember the Keys.

To remember the Shortcuts of all Adobe softwares, it launched an application. With a large stock of shortcut key database, Adobe launched an AIR App . AIR App gives an searchable database of all shortcut keyword of any Adobe Software. More easier to find the keys. It is the part of Adobe Creative Suite.

How it function?

Here in Adobe Shortcut Application, user may grab the shortcut key by typing the small phrase of the command over the searchable database to get the perfect result of keyword they are in need for.

You may put the your most frequently used shortcut keyword to your favorite lists, so it needed little search to get the result.

This application has also a links to the cheat sheets for all Adobe applications that you may download to your hard disk as in the format PDF for printing.