Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Indian Cyber Café is highly alerted on Security, with a Hi-Tech Software

Few months earlier, the 26/11 Mumbai attack shock the whole country. And took away the night of the Cyber Security. A numbers of warning emails received by the Indian Officials which were sent from different cyber café of different cities in India.

Neither the Warning emails quite nor the security quitted its investigation. By this time many Cyber Café’s got affected, many closed and many café owners were arrested.

What was the result?
After the solving of the case, the cyber café started keeping the records of the Users coming to surf internet but the huge problem faced by them was they kept the records with maintaining a register with hands. That was not so Easy for them. Firstly they took the ID proof of the user and then they gave a registration Or User no. so that every time the users visits that place can give their registration no. to surf internet, but this didn’t resolved the problem, many wrote their fake id to surf.

Any alternative technology introduced?
Ya! It was the time for taking the help of an automated software and by taking the right time a desktop advertising organization “Clink” introduced a security software for the internet cafes. They provided an automated software which resolved all the problems of the shop owner.

How does it works?
This software got very exiting features, mainly two:
i) Administrative features: An administrator is having an administration interface software with which the admin can create an user by filling the data and uploading an identity proof while registering online. By doing so a unique user & password they provide which can be change by the users afterward.
ii) An user interface, where a registered user can login anytime with his user and password and start browsing internet. Very safe way of browsing, no problem but it was noticed that speed got increased.

Special Features:
Pay for the amount you spent while browsing. A good tracking system which enables the users to track the cost of the time he browsed. When the user clicks the “log out” button, then he/she will get the charges of amount to pay. And the users should pay the money to the owner.

Its not solve, the owner should put the “amount of money paid” on the record to avoid any paying problem later on and in another way we can say it got an account maintaining software features.

Hope you will be seeing it on your visit to the cyber café having such software installed.