Monday, August 17, 2009

Create a Short link for your Wrordpress posts with

Wow!! It is very helpful feature added to Wordpress blog.

All the wordpress hosted users are having good news for them that from now onward they don't have to depend on any third party short url service to get their post url short over twitter.

Now itself introduced their own shortening url service only for their user. Here Users of will be able to shortened their blog posts address.

How to generate the short url?

This tutorial exposed by the Amit Agarwal of Labnol.
When you create a new post on WordPress (or edit an existing one), you will now see a button called “Get Shortlink” right below the title of your page or post. Click that button and a popup window will show the shortened URL ready for use anywhere on the web.

The other option is that you open the HTML source code of any ‘published’ blog post and the short URL of that page will be located in the section (it’s the value of rel=shortlink microformat).

It support 301 but no API over

Unlike other services like, WP don't provide the API for This means that in other services you can grab the Url from its front pages but here you need to visit the wordpress dashboard to use this service.

On the Launch of this service, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Wordpress Wrote that :

=> It is the only two letter key domain of .me in the world.
=> Each and every blog and its post on Wordpress is free to use short url.
=> All exposed in the Use of rel=shortlink
=> Only Only work for hosted one and doesn't made to work for any other site's url in the world.
=> Links created are totally permanent and going to live as long as Wordpress is alive.
=>It is a spam free url because they are constantly monitoring and removing spam from