Sunday, August 16, 2009

A 11-years old boy took the interviw of the US President Barak Obama.

How could a 11-years old boy can take the interview of the president so Confidently?

In the fever of Barak Obama's interview, the link of YouTube tweeted all over the Twitter reporting about how a 11-years boy interviewed the US President. A huge clicks were made through the link from twitter and most of them were shocked after seeing the confidence of the young boy!!

The boy named as Damon Weaver from the school "Canal Point Elementary School, Florida" conducted an extra ordinary 10-minutes interview on the topic "education" with the president. He seems to be confident and handled the situation amazingly!

Did he interviewed other celebrities also?

Ya!! He had his first interview with Joe Biden during the 2008 President Campaign for his school'd TV station. And till date he intervied Collin powell, Dwayne Wade, Oprah and many other well known...

Where you can find his Featured Videos?

Searching for the name "Damon Weaver" results a huge archive of videos related to him. Simply click and enjoy those videos.

Do you know?
This was the biggest interview of all that Weaver had. He may be conducting lots more interviews with more celebrities in future..