Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changing Blogs from Blogger to Wordpress

Almost all of the blogger who took the stairs of Blogger platform to make their blog popular are now change to Wordpress. They told the reason that Blogger is not having the features like Wordpress, which is highly customizable and contain great number of free plugins available on the internet.
Many Users thinks that Wordpress is very SEO friendly but i think that Blogger too is very Search Engine Friendly. It consists of a Statistic page, where users can grab their statistic of their blog to analyze its traffic. Such Features kept one step ahead than Blogger.

The Most Useful thing that attracted the most of the Blogger user is that here users can host the wordpress software over their own hosting and blogging freely without any restriction. A Blogger named as "Ajith Prasad Edassery" wrote the Simplest 10 steps for moving to wordpress blog. I hope this will help you a Lot for changing your blog platform.

What Others Tweeted about the Blogger to Wordpress Journey:
Positive Tweets:
@Doublelattemama tweeted that: I'm loving wordpress. I don't touch Css- don't know it. I keep it simple but I like the flexibility of wordpress.

@Growsmartbiz: do tactical things &drive traffic to ur site ,use wordpress, blogger etc to build websites, have seo strategy.

@alextoso:You can do a bit more with WordPress but Blogger is much easier to use in my humble opinion.

Negative Tweets:
@lights_auror tweeted: the dashboard on wordpress scares me. All those gadgets! & I like a certain type of layout, but to pay to edid CCS? Dunno.

@CrazyBell2626 : What the heck happned to the redirect from my original blogger blog to my new .com on wordpress? Why is it saying no blog exists? Panic! ...