Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cashing form Twitter, there is nothing which twitter can't do.

Since we were knowing twitter as a social networking site as well as microblog, which is fully used for fun and to create followers but this thinking is totally changed after the launching of Adcause: It is a site which helps the twiiter users to earn some money. These is totally a great idea or concept by the site : Adcause. They understood the feelings of the money needed twitter users. This is their best way to convert their twitter account to cash.

Here in adcause, both the publisher and the advertisers can take the full advantages of this features of advertising!!

Want to know, How does it Work?

Image via mashable.

Here the Publishers can make them visible by filling the description box... where a publisher is going to fill up duration options (1 – 3 months),price point, ad frequency customization (1 out of 5 – 20 tweets is an ad).

One all done.. it will be visible to the advertisers where they will find their requirement to advertise. And if they like your spot, they can pay you through Paypal. Both the publisher as well as the advertise is having their own Dashboard where they can mannage their advertisement option.

The can also search their required twitter profile by Twitter name, tags, following/follower nos., and location: state, country. From where they will pay through paypal to the publisher or negotiate a better deal.

Now the main thing is that the people on twitter are mainly using twitter to popularize their blogs and sites then why they will use these ads to earn money...?? even the active users who are here to make friends may not like it to use... so, lets see how much it can survive till last!!