Friday, January 8, 2010

Simply 3 Things you need to Follow to Gain Followers over Twitter

I know many of you are facing the same problem that i faced. The problems occurs like that, in the morning when i log in to my Twitter account, i found a my followers increases (which makes me happy) but again when i login to the Twitter after 24 hours... my mood gets OFF coz i finds my followers got decrease. This is not the problem only i face but by many daily users.

Then i started discussing with other Biggest follower holders and gained the Tips from them... They gave me 3 Tips which i am going to share with you:
  1. Tweet Quality and Continuously in every hour or two.
  2. Follow those who are active users and gained popularity and they too have their followers approx. equal to their following. After following them, wait for 24 hrs- if they don't follow U Back, then simply just Unfollow them.
  3. Follow back to those who followed you. (But remember: Dont follow the spammers).
These above Quick 3 tips i gave you, to increase followers as i know that everyone works hard to gain Followers but cannot retains their followers.