Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some Common Problems faced by New Twitter Users

Twitter is the most popular site where many bloggers, company, celebrities and proffesionals are depend on. Huge ammount of  of money are daily spend by the rich twitterers to gain more popularity and followers, but what about those small tweeterers? Are they not able to gain followers?

Gaining Followers by the small tweeters is really a tough job and many users lead to spamming to gain their followers, as a result they are banned. There's some ways to gain followers....
  1.  First, if you are a popular person or celebrity or you account is linked with a popular site or the account is a brand.
  2. Secondly, if you are daily attempting reciprocal following- where users follow each other to retain their number of followers and in other word, the make friendship or deals with the other twitter users to follow each other.
Why they need followers?
Its known to everyone that Twitter is a place of daily active users, where users can promote their own sites article or sharing affiliate links to earn money (but sharing affiliate links is highly restricted) .

So, the above i was talking about the daily tweeters but what about the new twitters? 
I suggest them Some things to follow:
  1. to have quality tweets and don't share boring links over their tweets.
  2. Try to tweet the text contents maximum time, this gives a good impressions in front of the Tweeters and they follow you.
  3. Whenever follows you, follow him back.
  4. Don't follow the spam users.
  5. Don't Use Twitter Auto-Follow Software or bulk follow software.
  6. Try to chat through your Twitter Account with your friends- this will increase the amount of your tweets.
  7. Don't tweet continously.
  8. Don't Use automatic tweet updates from the RSS feed of you blog and try to put your blog's post link manually.
  9. Be the first to share a link of interesting stuff over the twittter.
  10. Always Retweet the intersting tweets of the popular tweeterers!

These above are the some important rules U should follows to reatain your powers over twitter and gain followers.