Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google Chrome is now one year old

The First Birthday of Google Chrome is celebrated by Google. Since the launching of the Google's browser and it reached to millions of web users via comic books(created by them) and others...

They celebrated G-Chrome's Birthday with cakes and balloons. They mentioned some goals achived by Chrome since September 2, 2008, what they told, quoted from their official Chrome blog:

Their Birthday cake, released on their blog.

" – 51 developer releases, 21 beta releases or updates, and 15 stable releases or updates
– Over 20,600 bugs filed (4367 of them were duplicates, 3505 have been fixed, which leaves a whole lot left to go!)
– 11 external committers and bug editors, 46 external code contributors
– 50 Chrome Experiments
– 26 posts on the Google Chrome blog
– 12 Chrome Shorts, a collection of short films about Google Chrome
– A sequel to the comic in Japanese

More importantly, we’ve improved by over 150% on Javascript performance since our initial beta.”