Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Become an Author and Publish your Book to many people

If you want to share your best writings on your book and want people to pay for that book... Then i may have found the best place!! Lulu, is the book publishing service provider, they provide the readers an amazing collections of books and provides them home delivery. The readers can buy books online.

Now, with Lulu, everyone is going to become an author of a book and going to be famous around the world. They provide the opportunity to the small writers to reach their writings to many good readers and get the money on each sale of the book!!

This is also a good photo publisher and is popular all around the different social media like Facebook, Flickr and photobucket. So, anyone can create their own photo book and publish it with the help of this site.

The put forward a calculator, which is calculating the cost of 100 page book and its revenue. Wow!! I think that I am going to publish my own writing books on the blogging field.