Thursday, September 17, 2009

Calling a phone on twitter with @call and say "I am from twitter"

Its really interesting to say you that now you can have a call to your followers over twitter without any charge. An internet phone service provider JAJAH opened this technology only for the twitter users. So, now no need of too much tweets, just only one tweet and you are connect for 2 minutes limited talk time. They put forward a limited time of talk like twitter limited character. Its more or less created similar as tweets.

The things you need to do to connect two phones together with the help of Twitter is that, you only need to put "@call @twittername" will automatically connect the two phones together just after few moments of your tweet. "No telephone number may display on both of the Twitterers" phone." To get this service the user should register first over JAJAH.

This calling facility is independently works on any desktop client, on your mobile application and generally on the Web.

One important ting is that a call can be done only when users follow each other on twitter and if a user is not liking to talk with another or particular user, then he or she can unfollow to stop receiving call from that particular user.