Sunday, September 20, 2009

Connecting your reddit account to FriendFeed is really interesting

If any of your blog is not updated and friends feed is not updating for a long time too than you may use reddit over your friendfeed. It you use reddit daily and really like to vote up than adding you reddit to your friendfeed account is very effective and interesting.

As, i use reddit daily and submit and vote up many interesting stories links. As, a result this indirectly update my friendfeed account. Friendfeed receives the update from your reddit account and publish it on your profile on each single vote up. The things which i like the most while vote is that, I vote up the links of the reddit "pic" section and the link shown in the ff is with the thumbnail of the pic . So, it is very fast to vote up the rediit stories and this causes a huge update on your friendfeed account.


I saw many people are using digg on their friendfeed profile but digging is not as fast as reddit vote up.