Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Domain name like is free to register as business card.

For a long time, the professionals and the bloggers were searching for an interactive profile through which they can come in contact with web users. They blog, share their ideas but even though they don't have a particular and unique identity over the web. Recently facebook introduced the profile indentity page, such as and many people uses Twitter for their personal identification. But If I say you to get a profile on a domain with your name for no charge.

You might be thinking - Is it true? Yes, It is absolutely true, as I registered my domain name with my name ( really attractive! I got such domain available and my name is "Arijit Das" and after getting a domain name with my name, i am very happy to blog so that my fans could recieve updates through my unique, they can easily remember my domain with my name "Arijit" and by putting only dot "mp" at last.

Whether dot"MP" domain is subdomain and the popular one?

No, it can't be said as subdomain. As your url might be ending with dot ".mp" and no other word is before the dot or no word in between two dot of the name and the last word like .com.

Recently this domain is accepted by the well known twitter short url service like, as they created the world's most shortest url service ""which was press released on Mashable, TechCrunch and many more news site or blog. Even, I earlier wrote about this url is my previous post.

An amazing thing about this domain is that you may use it for free and can grab domain with the help of and you can even has a choice to register a domain from for the amount of $20 for one year and can host it over your own server.