Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J.mp is another short url service by bit.ly

Bit.ly is the most popular short url service around the twitter and sites like Mashable and techcrunch uses this short url service over their twitter profile and their profile is having more than one million followers. So, you might have got idea of how much popular bit.ly is.

After their great success, they recently launched the J.mp a new short url service. They are the first to provide one word domain as a short url service throughout the internet. Users of Bit.ly, don't need to create an account different over j.mp, their existence bit.ly account can be used to log in.

And another interesting thing is that the link you have created with bit.ly is automatically generated with J.mp.

Why to use such short url service?
  • It provides the best clicks tracking system of bit.ly
  • Very easy to create a short link with its highly interactive bookmarklet.
  • Highly catchy domain name, which may attract many to click through it.
  • Great help for microbloggers to tweet their links.
  • It will reduce the character of the tweets to type in Twitter.com

This is really an amazing Short URL service and will definitely enjoyed by many twitter users..