Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Mistakes of

IndianPad is considered as the India's first and best Socialbookmarking site. Dou you Know? Earlier it was the considered as the "Digg" of India. Few Dozens of users used to participate over this blog. By this time it got around the Google PR: 5 and Alexa over Top : 3000 Rank.
But such a site which was too much active and a huge number of submissions during that time, is not going down... How a Site like such Popularity can go downward? Its really quite thinkable question...

This was the results of the 3 mistakes made by IndianPad at first.
-It gave the most of its powers to the Top User, who used it Independently without thinking. The Top users used to block those users who were trying to get the popularity during that time.
-It It upgraded Google Adsense in so hurry that this resulted in the ban of Google Adsense over the Indianpad, which was their main source of Income. So, this diverted the mind of the Admin from their site.
-At last but not the least, the Top Users themselves Started Spamming this sites with submitting their own site.

The above were the 3 Mistakes done by IndianPad Admin, and resulted in the downfall of the site's Traffic and users. There are only 4-5 users actively submitting and i am one of them "shayan4u123".