Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make a fair selection of the winners in your blog’s contest.

I earlier wrote about conducting contests in your blog, and its benefits too, but selecting a winner should be in fair process.

If conducting a contest is a tough job, then the fair selection of winners is more tougher than that. The users who are participating in your blog’s contest needs the confidence and the faith on the contest as they are participating on it actively. “Confidence” and “faith” is the main thing for a successful contest.

You might have saw that most of the active contest participants is having the tendency to participate in the popular and renowned site’s contest because they are assured they they will get their prizes in a fair judgment.
So, to help you for conducting a fair contest, an appropriate tool we found for you, a “random winner selection tool”, which will definitely help you to choose your winner from the list of the name of participants, just quite similar to lottery.

Sites using such tools can easily select their own winner in a fair and random method.