Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free SMS from your Airtel Mobile is Free

There are few successfully tests by the airtel mobile users, and it saw that a user can send free SMS to any mobile.. To send unlimited SMS for free... lets see our Trick below:

First to Create a new message center :
* Message Center Name: anything you like...
Message Center Number (Its MOST Important): +919810051905
Now select preferred connection -> Packet Data
* After creating a new message center, please manually select it from
* Now Go to setting -> Phone Ssetting -> Connection -> Packet Data
* Here change PACKET DATA CONNECTION -> when available
and Access Point -> Airtel Live! ( Pls. Write as I have written here)
* All setting has been DONE !!
Now after processing the trick, you may send the sms and You should write 0(zero) before your contact number. Please do not make mistake. " Don’t Write 91….Instead of 91 write 0.. For example: if number is 9890098900 then you’ll write 09890098900."