Friday, October 16, 2009

How to celebrate Diwali on Internet

There's a lot of things you can do in this Diwali over internet, wishing your Friends, watching videos, playing diwali, sending greetings and many more... Lets see what can we do...

Photo by sowri

Wish your Friends through Social Networking sites:
Update your Status on Facebook with a wishing message like "Happy Diwali" or "wishing you and you family a happy and safe Diwali". This can result comments by your friends on your status.

Orkut is another way to wish your friends.
There are two ways, first is just scrap to your friend with Text and another is to send
Graphic scraps.

Twitter is the Best Way:
Wish to millions of users at a Time by just sending a simple tweet of 140 character.... Put the Tag #Diwali. You can even search "Diwali" over the Twitter search to see who is wishing...

Send Ecard to your relatives:
Easy to choose your selected animated diwali card from the 123G's page.

Watch Videos online on this diwali:
Rediff India has featured a page on ishare for this Diwali special, where you are free to watch and share your videos. And India's well known online group "IndiaTimes" featured its page at the subdomain "diwalidhamaka" for this special diwali, where they finds all the "diwali" featured keyword videos from the Yourube and linking it from the page. You may even can search over Youtube for the Diwali videos, by just searching "diwali 2009" on the search box.

Play Diwali Games on aol, sify, Dgreetings, indyarocks...

I will be witting more if i found any interesting...