Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Wave Scam increasing a Lot

A huge number of small blogs are taking the benefits of their lucky invitation by the Google Wave team. "After the invitation of 1,00,000 users to the Google Wave. Hugely benefited some intelligent users. Since users are invited selectively by the Google Wave Team, it became a grand opportunity for them to make value use of it." -Unofficial Google Tasks Blog wrote.

According to my note, a huge number of sites and blogs are scamming with the Google Wave. They are promising for the invitation to the Google Wave and asking you to do something for their blog which are traffic generation like tweeting the Message of their blog along with the link, social bookmarking, sharing over facebook, telling your friends and commenting or writing article on their blog.

And some sites are started to selling the Google Wave invitation and earning a good amount of Dollars from it and some are spreading malware in the name of getting free invitation for Google Wave account.

So, be aware of these kind of activities. I think Google will make it open to the User within few time of a month. -Arijit