Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging only for money is very bad idea

Actually, the blog was made for keeping everyone update and just like a daily journal. Now, a days peoples are creating blog for making money but i think the intention of making money with a new blog is a very bad idea. I bold this line because most of the new bloggers thinks that they are going to make money in a short time and as the time passes his rate of posting contents becomes less and his mind comes in the way of increasing money and traffic only. They main starts contributing the social bookmarking sites and always promoting their old contents for traffic but as we know that humans are always wants new things, so the users of web only wants to read new content and no one is interested in old backdated content.

Image by evhead

What does a real bloggers do?
The real bloggers are always selfish, they only thinks to update their own contents and a little bit of marketing to promote their blog. They knows that only posting can attract a lots of new readers or users.

How posting attracts more visitors?

This was the question which usually stroked my mind when i was totally new in the world of blogging but now i know the secret. The reason is : The Quick publishing of new contents keeps your subscribers touched with your contents and blogs and they do not forget their blog name anymore and keep stored on their mind as a brand name.
They subscribe your blog through some RSS feed, Emails and some feed subscribing sites like Google Readers, Bloglines and others...
And another was of getting more popularity i.e, your blogs favorite users ask their friends to read their valuable contents of your blog.
And Some indirect ways, there may be submissions of you blog to many social bookmarking site, link back from different sites and blogs.

If all of the above is done serially with planning then the advertisers will automatically offer you for advertisement with a very effective costs.