Sunday, October 18, 2009

The real level of farm Ville

The real levels of Farm ville starts from level 10 and 11, where a user comes in full force to play the game. this time when you harvest, along with the coins one another thing is to giveaway i.e. 1+ Mastery, I actually don't have any idea of what is it or where it is being added in the game but can only say that the collection of such points can give you a direct wealth opportunity with increase in experiences.

What should need to reach the level 10 and 11?
To reach the level 10 & 12, we need to gain our experiences by plowing and cultivating the lands.
For level 10 - cross 1800 experiences.
For level 11 - cross 2300 experiences.
And for level 12 - cross 2800 experiences.

Do Harvesting can increase the experiences?
No, harvesting can only increase your coins. This activity like ploughing and placing seeds can increase the experiences and in other way decreasing the coins.

In the game, for plowing you can get +1 experiences and for placing seeds, depends on the seeds type it gains experience. The maximum seeds varieties gains +2 experiences.