Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Bloggers don't write 2-3 posts at a Time

When i first started to write my own post, i thought that i can write 2-3 posts at a time and i too did it. I wrote 2-3 articles in one hour but as a result i found a lot of mistakes and less descriptive. And sometimes many writings appears like boring and meaningless.

I also found many blogger who are doing same mistake which i did. I experienced that if we post more than one post at a time.. Our brain feels some stretch and face problem to thinking for a new topic to write.

So, i must suggest those quick blog poster or writer to make a routine to write their new article. I am mentioning a time management to write a quality article :

If you are a full time blogger
  • then you select your time like, in morning you take 1 hour in writing a mega post, as at that time your mind will be fresh to write a new article.
  • in afternoon, you keep one hour to write another article.
  • And at night one post. You may also write 4 post a day or five according to your capacity for betterment of your blog.
The remaining time, you can spend for market your blog, social bookmarking, tweeting and others....

blogging time
Image by antigone78
If you are a Part Time Blogger then,
  • Fix a particular time for blogging and write article in an interval of one and half hour or more... if you have time.
  • Keep a special time for writing a valuable content.
  • Rest timing spend in marketing like - Social bookmarking, Tweeting your link and publishing link on the social network like Facebook...
If you can do in the above following time management I think this will make any sense in your Blogging. These are just my idea.. If you have any idea on yout mind then you can share with me through comment.