Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Health Insurance company is keeping their eyes on your Facebook Photos Health not Yours!

If you are really sick and in need help of your health insurance company for money, then keep in your mind that you are not uploading your healthy or cool photo on your social networking profile like Facebook or Twitter. As, your insurance company is tracking your health on the basis of your photo you uploaded the day before you are sick.

If you are found healthy on your photo, they keep that photo as evidence for not providing your health benefits. The Similar case occur with a 29-years old Canadian Women - Nathalie Blanchard, who was not given the benefits of her Health Insurance on the evidence of her latest uploaded photo on Facebook.
facebook photo claim

When the insurance company deny to give her her payment, she claimed the photo as the image shot a night before. Its really became a hot discussion over the sides like mashable, CBC News and others... and the Question arising is that whether a Health Insurance can claim on the basis of the photos Tweeted on Twitter and Facebook..?? What do you think??