Friday, November 20, 2009

Propeller Users can Story share Upto 500 friends at a Time

Sharing became very easy on Propeller. Earlier sharing your submitted story to your Propeller friend was quite a long process, they used to give limited access to share the story only up to 25 friends at a time and if you are going to share your story to 125 friends then you need to share that 5 times by opening the small window every time.

Even then many users used these long process for many props for publishing their story on the propeller front page but there were also those users who had stopped using propeller for this long process of sharing stories to the friends.
Propeller friend sharing box

After many request done by its active members, the Propeller at last upgraded the sharing option and made it more friendly accordingly its active users requested. Now, a user of propeller can share his story up to 500 at a time without any error. They simply added a option "Send to all friends". By clicking on this option it will automatically select your first 500 friend and then your are free to share, you can even unselect those users whom you don't want to share.