Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Orkut New Version Invitation Give Away

I am now having 4 invitation left in my account and i am really going to invite four real users. As, it is very valuable and limited and most of the users didn't got it. So, i thought of why i should keep those four left invitation on my account as it is totally useless for me now as i already got an invitation... So, thought of inviting others who is in need of it. Actually, I received five invitation and one i gave left with four invitation.
Orkut new Version Invitation

At the time when i was going to send out the invitation, something stroked my mind telling me "Choose a right person for it."... And i highly got influence with it. I thought of giving to a person who is not active is useless and if i choose an active user then there will be a valuable of my invitation.

Now, the problem came with me is how to choose the real user for this account, so i thought that its a time for the real users to give have some karma for the invitation qualification.

If you are wanting to get the invitation of the Orkut New version then you start commenting on my blog. And the four users with a number of comment will be getting the New Orkut Invitation. Even if you comment on my blog- you will be also be getting backlinks to your blog. Don't think that i am fully gave the commenting task for my blog promotion.. actually i believe that the person who can comment actively on my blog must be an active user.

Some Easy Rules you need to follow while commenting:
- Don't put a bad comment or any bad words.
- Be more descriptive and a comment with "Thanks" and other will not be accepted.
- Don't put wrong link on your comment.

The above are some things that you need to follow. So, start Commenting for the invitation and nothing more....