Friday, November 27, 2009

Indian education related site gets a good traffic

This year 2009, many upgrading blogger has left their daily blog and started to create the blogs related to the Indian Education and mainly Indian Exam Results. I asked a blogger, who left his daily blog left and started to create a new Indian results blog.
Exam results

Why Indian Results Site?
Many asked him and i too asked him to solved my problem. According to that blogger - "Google always crawls for new contents and it chooses the daily updated sites. Actually, the "Indian Results" keywords always keeps it updated and In India almost daily the results of different exams are announced. So many students search about that exam results giving page over the Google. The users cannot get the page directly as he need some medium to know which site is providing the most appropriate exam result information."

How the Indian results sites works?
The Indian results sites works on the simple exam notification and simply gives the link of the sites to the source by mentioning some brief description about it. As, when the post about it is published then it is pinged though some ping services like Pingometer and others.... This helps their content to get listed over the search engine in a short period of 5-10 hours.

From Where they get the most of their Traffics?
Indian Result blog always depends upon the Search Engine, mainly like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... The students of India takes the helps of these Search Engine to find their result giving site.

The blogger whom i asked about these is a Person From Kolkata (one of my friend) and he runs a blog on the Indian exam results. He told me that he is getting Unique Visitors of around 10,000 daily and earns a good amount of revenue from the advertising.