Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade YouTube Music Video

It's my first "Zero" Cost YouTube Music Video. My Friend wrote this "Million Butterflies" lyrics which is a composition of Hindi & English. I composed the music with my acoustic Guitar.. And later on, we collected few loops and punched them together to create a highquality music beat.

Even the camera i used in this video is only HQ quality, not even HD. :-( But anyhow we needed to create a personal music video so we used our available resources to give the best output. I know, in compare to other music videos.. it's nothing but a crap. But I want to let you know that we created this video in just 5 hours & we're happy with it.

How we've created this Video?
The purpose of this post is to let you know about how we've created this Video..

As i told, we basically used our available resources to shoot this video. It was our test music video & we wanted to see the final output.

Me and my brother was actually composing that song when we got an idea about creating a music video & we also wanted to do it in a day. So, my brother collected some loops from the internet & mixed them up in SoundForge software. Then i recorded my voice with that mixxed up beats. After we got our misic, we started to work upon the video...

I then Downloaded the Video Editing Software "VideoPad", which is free to download & even comes up with a small file size.

Then i took out my old HQ Handycam and asked my bro. to have many takes. And i sang the whole song for few times in my naked voice to get some extra shots in different angles. As we're aware of the film-making theory that a normal viewer has a tendency of viewing a clips not more than 6 seconds, so we mixxed up our video with many 6 seconds video clips, so that our video doesn't suck.

Before Saving the video in the viewable format, we added the subtitle of the lyrics, so that the viewers may able sing along with the song.

This is how we've created our first music video..... Yeah!